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Cookie Policy

Studio Milde ("us", "we" or "our") uses cookies on (the "website"). By using the service, you consent to the use of cookies.

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. They all get unique numbers. There are different types of cookies.

Session cookies: Temporarily saved on your computer when you visit our website and are deleted as soon as you shut down your browser.

Permanent cookies: Remains on your computer until you delete them.

First-party cookies: Placed on your computer by us when you browse our website.

Third-party cookies: Used to collect information for advertising and tailored content as well as for web statistics. These third-party cookies give an image of the user's browsing habits and there is the possibility to block this particular type of cookies in your browser by making an individual setting on your computer if you do not want third-party cookies to be accepted.

The information we receive is anonymous and does not contain any name, email address or any other personal information that may be linked to you as an individual.

How we use cookies

Cookies allow us to improve your user experience. We collect information about you who browse our website through several types of cookies. Below you can see in which categories we use cookies and how we use the information collected.

Necessary cookies: Contains information that we must have in order for you to access certain services. An example is that we should remember which products you have put in your shopping cart or how far you have come in your order. The necessary cookies are also used to enable us to offer you our payment solution.

Performance cookies: Used to make sure that the pages you use load faster.

Analytics: Contains general information about how to use our services. The information allows us to adapt our website to your needs so that we can make your use as easy as possible or to be able to analyse our visitor flows.

Functionality: These cookies are used to help us remember the choices you made when you previously used our services. For example, you should not have to choose which language our website should appear in every time you visit us.

Marketing & Social Media: Collects information about your activities and shown interest on the website, in short what you click on so that we can find relevant offers in other channels (for example, which of our products you see in banners on other pages).

Your choice

You can always change your browser settings or device settings for the use and scope of cookies. Click your way into the settings for your browser or device to learn more about how to change your cookie settings. In your settings, you can block all cookies, but you can also choose to only accept first-party cookies or choose to delete cookies when you close your browser. Remember that necessary cookies are required for you to still be able to use our website and our services.

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